Spot the Difference Competition – National Puzzle Day

The 29th January marks National Puzzle Day, the perfect day to do a little brain exercise. Scientists have discovered that when we work on a puzzle, we utilise both sides of the brain, improving memory, cognitive function and problem-solving skills in the process. Many of our dev team enjoy a puzzle or gaming challenge in their spare time, and work is often a series of puzzles to solve in a creative way. Our recent release of XML Compare with new SVG comparison has been one such puzzle from research through to product development, so what better way to show its capabilities than with a spot the difference competition. XML Compare 13 can easily and accurately find all these differences in this diagram, but can you? If you spot all the differences correctly every winner will get a 1yr subscription to a Content Compare product of their choice!

Creating diagrams with Alludo and CorelDRAW

We had to make this a challenging puzzle, and finding the right example diagram is important with a variety of easily spotted changes and a couple of really difficult ones. Our friends at Alludo are experts in this field with leading tools to create, author, edit and manage technical diagrams in documents. So, who better to provide a really great example SVG diagram produced from their amazing CorelDRAW Technical Suite. This drawing, taken from a 3D CAD model, is a common example technical writers need to manage. But hurry you only have until February the 3rd 2023 to find all the differences. Are you up to the challenge?

Find all the differences

There are several differences between the images below. Click on each image below to view the full size version, or click the ‘Open PDF’ button to open a pdf with the images and spot as many changes as you can. Once you can’t find any more, describe and enter the differences in the form below and we’ll contact you if you win.

Leaving so soon?

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