New Possibilities

When we introduced our Document Comparator, a new interface tailored specifically for documents, it brought new in-built capabilities to XML Compare like inline format handling, CALS and XHTML table processing and MathML comparison. Since then, we’ve listened to your feedback and we’re pleased to announce that our latest release, XML Compare 11, achieves speed improvements of up to 40%! While accuracy is important to all of our customers, not every customer has the same requirements for comparison speed. But for those in the Finance sector and others who are processing large numbers of documents on a tight schedule, fast comparison can be just as important as accurate results.

XHTML workflows

XML Compare is used to manage change in any XML content but many industries use it in their XHTML workflows. Financial institutions, standards bodies, healthcare and biomed companies all produce content that needs to be accurate and is often subject to regulation. Demonstrating a reliable change management process is vital in those industries and the ability to turn things around on a tight timescale brings a competitive advantage. Reports produced on a regular monthly or quarterly schedule bring workload peaks to systems processing content and minimising the impact that comparison has on those systems facilitates smooth, problem-free production.

Faster comparison requires fewer resources and this of course leads to cost-savings whether that’s reducing direct cost of cloud-computing resources or freeing up your on-premise servers for other work. Reduction of time to production improves process efficiency which also contributes to potential cost savings.

For one, for all

Performance improvements benefit all users of XML Compare, not just those comparing HTML content. And you can still expect all those good things you’ve come to rely on DeltaXML for: accurate comparison, flexible configuration, and great support. Get in touch to learn more about implementing XML Compare within your own projects and processes or recieve a free trial of XML Compare to get started today.