Over 90% faster data comparison with XML Data Compare

Find and process the change that matters without having to worry about the order of your XML data.

Malvern, England, 25th October – Most businesses manage significant data flows, and whilst understanding this change is vital the true value is in taking action. Agile businesses need to automatically instigate workflows where change matters in data, rather than waiting for post processing and analysis. Our new data compare product, XML Data Compare, can not only identify and represent change in your data, it can do it quickly enough to be built into your applications.

We have over 20 years experience in XML comparison and merge software technologies used predominantly in the document formats, although many customers also use these tools for comparing data sets. Listening to our customers, our research and development team has devised new algorithms designed to work more efficiently with XML data offering potentially huge performance increases over our XML Compare product.

There are a multitude of applications from eCommerce to Machine Learning where data changes can be high frequency and require automated processing. The performance of XML Data Compare on product catalogues for eCommerce applications is near-time, and over 90% faster than our document orientated standard XML Compare. Using our Application Programming Interface, API developers can integrate this functionality to improve the accuracy and performance of existing software workflows.

Similarly, for data exchange between businesses, such as supply chain management, our software can ensure change is quickly identified and processed within current applications. The near real-time processing means change can be reported in dashboards and monitoring tools. Benefiting from reduced configuration requirements XML Data Compare can deliver high quality results at scale, ensuring our processing does not limit your business growth.

Performance is key to processing the increasing volume of data, and businesses are looking for competitive advantage from identifying change in behaviours and trends as we emerge from the pandemic. Business leaders and software architects are focused on software tools to enable their business to grow and adapt. Using XML Data Compare can make a step change, where change matters.

DeltaXML is a world leader in developing software tools for change-control and version management. Their tools find, merge, process and synchronise change in XML and JSON data and documents and are used daily throughout the world by governments, banks, aircraft manufacturers, and the defence industry, where 100% accuracy is vital.

If you would like more information about XML Data Compare, please contact Oliver Partridge at