DeltaXML is excited to introduce a new way of managing your licenses. We have improved the customer experience with our new portal MyDelta and introduced a useful new Command Line Interface tool.

Register for MyDelta

Customers wanting to use the License Manager or CLI must first register for an account in our new MyDelta portal.

You can enter your details, or sign with your existing GitHub or LinkedIn account.

The MyDelta portal provides access to all DeltaXML services including your licenses, evaluation downloads for our other products, and trials of our exciting new SaaS products. You can register here.

Some customers may find no purchases returned, don’t worry they are there, your registered email may be different to the one we have or you may simply not be associated with the purchase in our database. Please just follow the onscreen instructions and you will have access shortly after.

License Manager

Managing your licenses is much easier with the MyDelta License Manager. Following a purchase or renewal, you can download your license in three simple steps.

  1. Navigate to your license

  2. Allocate the license to a system

    MyDelta Licenses Activate
  3. Download the license

    MyDelta Licenses Download

    You can also view the history of your license helping you to understand when your license has been activated and downloaded.

    MyDelta Licenses History

My Downloads

The currently supported versions of the software you have purchased will be available in the ‘My Downloads’ page. Click on the version of your choice to download the product files, which you can then install on your computer, server or virtual machine. You can also click on ‘Evaluations’ to get access to some of our other great comparison and merge software solutions.

Command Line Interface (CLI) tool

Our new CLI tool is great for installing license files directly on a server, which is particularly helpful when managing multiple license files, removing the need to rename each file. Using the CLI, license files can be created and downloaded with just a few commands, allowing you to work at your own pace and without the need of support tickets.

You can download the CLI tool from the ‘My Downloads’ area, alongside your purchased software download links.


The most powerful aspect of the new CLI is the ability to automate license renewals; using CRON or other such tools, renewal of the license file can be completed automatically. This means you can remove any manual processes and ensure your DeltaXML software will always run without interruption.


You can find out more about the functionality available from our MyDelta License Manager and CLI tool in our documentation section. Here you will find comprehensive information about our types of license, how to create licenses and helpful step by step guides with how to videos.

Customer Support

If you need some additional support please don’t hesitate to contact us via our Support Portal.