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Customisable DITA Comparison Tool

DITA Compare is a complete toolkit for reliable DITA comparison. Not only can it identify all the meaningful differences between your DITA files, versatile APIs allow you to customise the tool to satisfy your every need.

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Why would you use DITA Compare?

Accurate identification of real DITA change

DITA Compare works so well with identifying change between DITA files because it has a deep understanding of DITA. Unlike built in change tracking, or line-by-line tools you’ll never be pestered with notifications of change when none has actually occurred.

Save time viewing the changes you need to know about

DITA Compare can be configured to ignore insignificant changes such as dates or timestamps or any other change you don’t need to know about, meaning you don’t have to sift through irrelevant data.

Smart comparison for important content

From handling structural markup, tables and MathML to tracking moving paragraphs, DITA Compare features configurable pre- and post-comparison pipelines allowing you to build your own comparison operations. This brings endless flexibility, allowing DITA Compare to be adapted to every need.

Easily integrated within your processes

Comparison results can be configured to show in any form you need, whether for automated processing or human review and as long as you’re working with DITA, DITA Compare will be able to show you every difference.

Additional functionality added to your products

Accessed through Java APIs, DITA Compare can be integrated into any content management system or workflow. Access a dependable, fully-built DITA comparison solution that performs for you and your customers.

Simple licensing to suit every use case

No complex pricing tiers or hidden charges. Our licenses are delivered on a concurrent operation basis, allowing unlimited users, scalable processing and for the product to be used on any type of machine.

Rich API means you see the changes that matter

We’ve designed our APIs with the clear intent of making it quick and simple to integrate DeltaXML’s toolkits into your own environment, whether you are a Java developer or not.

Find the change

Sophisticated algorithms interpret the structure of your DITA data and work out where the real changes are according to your specific configurations.

Represent the difference

The result file is structured in the same way as your original files, so they can be viewed in your regular editor or managed in your CMS. Alternatively, as results are passed through an XSLT pipeline you can turn your outputs into whatever form you wish including HTML reports or pdfs.

Configurable output formats, full audit trail capabilities and comprehensive APIs make DeltaXML’s products perfect for integration with content management workflows or for embedding within existing editing and publishing products.

Trusted by companies worldwide


“Senior technical specialists at Wrycan carried out detailed evaluations of the available technologies and concluded the best results and lowest project risk would be achieved by integrating XML Compare from DeltaXML.”

Daniel Reed

Managing Director, Wrycan

“DeltaXML has introduced a stable, well-tested component into our commercial environment where standardisation is critical, simultaneously building confidence for technical authors and users alike.”

David Sonden

Manager Business Development, Semcon Informatic

“DeltaXML provided us with a straightforward way of integrating a rich document comparison feature into our SaaS platform. We spent some time researching the market and found DeltaXML was by far the best product on the market in terms of functionality and robustness.”

Niels Montanana

Chief Operating Officer, Scribestar Limited

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