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Miscellaneous Downloads

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Description/further details Version Filename/Download Size
JAXP Pipeline tutorial sample files1.0pipelines.zip28 KB
docbook-xsl changebar customization layer for docbook-xsl from v1.74.0 to v1.78.1:
  docbook-xsl-* (DocBook v4.x)
(DocBook v5.0)
0.1.6docbook-changes-0.1.6.zip5457 KB
docbook-xsl changebar customization layer for use with:
    docbook-xsl-1.72 (DocBook4)
0.1.2docbook-changes-0.1.2.zip44 KB
DeltaXML Filter Compatibility Pack (for deltaV1/Core 4.x users)1.1DeltaXML-FCP-1_1.zip70 KB
Filter pipeline benchmarks and data (as discussed on saxon-help/XML Prague)1.1pipeline-benchmarks.zip3.0MB
FO change-bar optimizer (for XEP InternalError issues discussed in our support forum)1.0fo-changebar-optimizer.zip1.9KB
DITA-OT pdf2 plugin updates (user guide)1.0DITA-OT1.8-DeltaXML-PDF-1.0.zip21KB
Utility for counting the 'runtime cores' available to a specific JVM. This is used to provide information necessary for the Licensing Fulfilment Team.1.0deltaxml-licensing.jar1.3KB