Intelligent Diff for XML

Most corporate and institutional XML data is in constant flux. Managing change in XML environments, empowers businesses and organisations not just to record change but to use change as a powerful and valuable asset.

Finding change is only half the story

As XML emerges as a mission-critical platform, with more business applications and processes reliant on the technology every day, there’s a growing need for tools to manage the rapidly expanding volume of XML data and in particular, to manage the constant ebb and flow of change.

Discover the solution which will not only identify changes accurately but represent them in a way which is consistent with an organisation’s needs, and which will enable those changes to be processed easily.

Download this white paper to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of why XML change control is important when managing any business.
  • Review how change can be managed holistically.
  • Understand what makes the interworking of a capable difference tool.
  • Review why XML-aware tools are needed when working with XML documents.

There are proprietary differencing tools available which are tailored to particular proprietary document structures but these discard the key advantages of XML – openness, flexibility, standardisation – and can never offer a generic solution.

Related Media

With the help from DeltaXML’s XML Compare toolkit, Wrycan delivered a solution which integrated XML Compare with their Content Base product. This allows NFPA to manage all their content in a single repository, adding automated comparisons in a product-agnostic form.

Presented at Tekom 2020, Product Director Tristan Mitchell looks at how content changes across the whole content lifecycle and discusses how comparison tools can be used to help you keep control and maintain your sanity.

XML Compare is a complete toolkit for reliable XML diff comparison. Download the product sheet to understand how the solution helps to identify all the meaningful diffs between any two XML files.