DeltaXML and Finance and Banking

DeltaXML is helping documentation and data specialists in the finance sector to keep tight control of change and achieve compliance more readily.

Controlling Change in Financial Documents and Data

In financial services and banking, DeltaXML transforms the way that people work with change in documents and data, greatly reducing the time they need for editing and revisions, and for demonstrating compliance to regulators.

Download this industry use case to:

  • Learn how DeltaXML works with change in financial and banking XML documents and data files.
  • Review some examples of how DeltaXML has helped those within the finance and banking sectors.
  • Understand which solutions in our suite of products will help you manage, control and catch change.

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DeltaXML is providing sophisticated functionality to identify meaningful differences between iterations of prospectuses and to summarise key changes required by regulators.

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