Beyond Babel – Simplifying Translation with XML

Localisation of text to multiple target languages has always presented unique challenges. Although it is easy to translate a single version of a document into different languages, it is much more difficult to maintain translations over multiple versions of a document.

Change Never has to Get Lost in Translation

To begin updating change between translated documents, you first need to find out exactly what has changed, then find the equivalent places in the translated document. With the move to representing documents as structured XML comes a new set of technical solutions based around intelligent three-way structured merging – synchronisation.

This paper presents a comprehensive and generic solution to the problems of managing changing “source language” documents and propagating those changes to translated versions in multiple languages.

Download this Conference Paper to:

  • Review the hidden costs behind globalisation and publishing.
  • Review how XML can help manage the synchronisation of change when translating documents.
  • Understand how structured data comparison saves time and money while optimising the storage and distribution of data.

Even if programs with change tracking facilities are used to update the source, identifying where each change has occurred, and ensuring that a matching change is made to the translated files, is a task that can be prone to error.

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Branch and merge may be a software developer’s dream, but using this technique with structured documents can turn into a nightmare. The merge process is so often a manual one: cut and paste and get frustrated. Can structured XML merge turn the nightmare back into a dream?

Most corporate and institutional XML data is in constant flux. Managing change in XML environments, empowers businesses and organisations not just to record change but to use change as a powerful and valuable asset.

The ability to consistently identify updates and mirror changes in existing information carries added significance when working with Semcon where new product introductions are accompanied with tight deadlines. DeltaXML’s unique ability to compare structured documents with accuracy becomes a necessity in the workplace.