The DeltaXML oXygen Adaptor is a free facility for integrating some of our products with the oXygen XML Editor. It can be obtained from our oXygen addon site as explained in the installation instructions.

1. Product integration

This adaptor enables most of the DeltaXML comparison products, as discussed in the Supported Products page, to be run from within oXygen.

This adaptor also contains a merge conflict resolver, which enables the output of DITA Merge product to be transformed into a form that can be interactively resolved in oXygen's Author mode. Please see the merge conflict resolver section of the using the Adaptor documentation for more details.

2. Further Information

  • oXygen Comaptibility: this plugin requires oXygen version 15.0 or later.*

  • Installation Guide: the Install Guide describes setting up oXygen with the oXygen Adaptor.

  • Release History: documentation related to specific releases of the oXygen Adaptor can be found on the release notes page.

  • oXygen Update Site URL for Adaptor:

*Note that there are some incompatibilities between the Adaptor's merge conflict resolver and oXygen versions 15.1 and 15.2 prior to build 2014040317. Therefore the merge conflict resolver aspect of the DeltaXML oXygen Adaptor is disabled for these versions of oXygen.