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Compare two inputs (default parameters)
Compare text nodes word-by-word
Select array alignment mode
Two-way Merge
Merge two inputs (default parameters)
Select array alignment mode
Three-way Merge
Merge three inputs (default parameters)
Merge text nodes word-by-word
Select array alignment mode
Select conflict resolution mode
Run a graft operation (default parameters)
Select graft output priority
Run a patch operation (default parameters)
Select patch direction
Input Selection
Type inputs directly into editor
Browse for local files
Edit loaded files before comparison
Maximum input size 1MB 10MB 50MB Contact us
Raw JSON delta output
Inline JSON diff report
Download result file
Access and account details
Access through the web client
Access directly through REST API
Monthly usage GUI Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Monthly usage REST 1000 uses Contact us
24/7 self-help portal online resources
Submit tickets to HelpDesk
Call to support
Response time 2 days 2 days 1 day

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