We offer free plugins to integrate DeltaXML functionality into your favourite XML editors.

Adobe Framemaker

DeltaXML's FrameMaker Plugin extends the full or XML Author versions of Adobe FrameMaker to support specialised XML comparisons. XML documents are compared using one of DeltaXML's range of XML Comparator products. While the plugin itself is provided free of charge, a separate commercial or evaluation license is required for the DeltaXML comparator that the plugin links to.

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oXygen Adaptor

The DeltaXML oXygen Adaptor is a free facility for integrating some of our products with the oXygen XML Editor. This adaptor enables the DeltaXML comparison products to be run from within oXygen. This adaptor also contains a merge conflict resolver, which enables the output of DITA Merge product to be transformed into a form that can be interactively resolved in oXygen's Author mode.

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