When you need to identify changes or recombine code, visual tools are very time-consuming and error-prone, while custom scripts can create more work than they save.

DeltaXML software analyses the structure of your files and systematically reviews all of the differences. It can run a series of configurable rules to safely merge them back into a single file, or create an output file, marked-up with details of all the differences.

DeltaXML products can be integrated into systems and processes, or used as stand-alone tools by developers and testers. They are trusted by some of the world’s leading technology firms to help manage changes in their XML files.

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Embedding DeltaXML in your software

If your product development requires XML comparison and merge functionality, you can avoid many hours developing and testing these highly specialised algorithms by embedding DeltaXML software.

The decision to build or buy becomes simple when you consider the power of DeltaXML products and their APIs, combined with outstanding support and a flexible licensing model.

Some of the best known technology companies have embedded DeltaXML software, including recognised XML tools and leading enterprise systems.

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  • XML Merge

    For merging changes in any XML

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