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oXygen Adaptor Release Notes

Release 1.0.2

27th November 2019

  • Update: Update code signing certifcate and resign using an timestamping server certificate with extended (2030) expiry.

Release 1.0.1

30th January 2019

  • Bug Fix: From XML Compare 10 release date onwards products contain a versioned command.jar, e.g. command-10.0.0.jar. The adaptor used to just search for command.jar when identifying products. It now searches for versioned jars as well. This was customer support case 777.

Release 1.0

23rd May 2018

  • Enhancement: When loading products and calling comparisons certain classes of error are now logged in Oxygen's log file if Oxygen is set up for logging.
  • Enhancement: When a compare pipeline has no configuration options, the configure button is disabled.
  • Enhancement: In the configure dialog available from the compare dialog configure button, parameters with long values will now wrap around in a multiline edit rather than creating an extremely wide field.
  • Enhancement: The product file selection dialog now only allows directories to be selected, as the adaptor will automatically select the appropriate contents.
  • Enhancement: The product selection dialog now uses the native file chooser.
  • Bug Fix: The adaptor now finds the XML Compare/Core pipelines for earlier releases back to 7.0. See Install Guide supported products section. This was customer support case 573.
  • Bug Fix: The oXygen adaptor now works with DITA Compare 7.0.
  • Bug Fix: Core 8.2.7 now loads and functions correctly.

Release 0.12.1

4th July 2017

  • Bug Fix: The expired certificate has been updated. This will resolve installation issues reported by customers. This was customer support case 581.

Release 0.12

24th April 2014

  • New Feature: Results from our DITA Merge product can now be transformed to processing instructions that this tool's merge conflict resolver understands. This transformation can be accessed via either the menu system or the updated toolbar.
  • Enhancement: The merge conflict resolver now has a 'refresh highlighting' action, which is available from the menu system and toolbar.
  • Bug Fix: Prevented merge resolver from running in versions of oXygen that do not support it, specifically versions 15.1 to 15.2 build 2014012017 inclusive.
  • Bug Fix: Merge conflicts on table elements were being displayed but had no associated selector button for choosing between the versions of the table. Special table element handling selector buttons have now been added, as the only entry in a coloured horizontal bar that is displayed immediately above the table. Here, the colour of table addition and deletion bars are green and red bar respectively.
  • Bug Fix: A nested merge conflict could sometimes have the same colour as that of its parent. This occurred whenever the nested conflict was of the same type as its parent. This has been fixed by a depth based colouring of the 'modify' conflict merge type.

Release 0.11.2

28th November 2013

  • Bug Fix: Corrected some typos in the configure plugin messages and tool tips. Also added a warning that recursively searching large directory structure can take a long time.

Release 0.11.1

25th November 2013

  • Enhancement: Minor improvements to Windows path handling.
  • Bug Fix: Corrected previous release notes.
  • Enabled Product: DITA Compare 5.0.2+

Release 0.11

15th November 2013

  • New Feature Added the initial DeltaXML product comparison wrapper.
  • New Feature: Adds styling in the oXygen DITA Map Manager based on the status attributes in a DITA Map.
  • Enhancement: Added support for parameter grouping.
  • Enhancement: Improved organisation of the menus.
  • Bug Fix: Fix Null Pointer Exception bug that was seen when associating a CSS stylesheet with an XML file.
  • Enabled Product: DITA Compare 5.0.1+

Release 0.9

12th March 2013

  • New Feature: The demo version of the DeltaXML View and Resolve plugin for oXygen. It enables changes marked up in DeltaXML's merge processing instructions format to be viewed and resolved.

    Limitation: When editing text on the boundary of a change it is possible to inadvertently select a region of the document that should not contain text. Therefore it is recommended that any editing starts after the first character/element and before the last character/element in a changed region. Regions that have no content (or whitespace only content) should not be edited.

    Limitation: Some document update operations, such as the undo operation, can cause inaccuracies in the change highlighting. In order to recover the highlighting the oXygen editor needs to be refreshed. This can be achieved by switching to 'Text' mode and then back to 'Author' mode.