LavaCon Conference 2017

Portland, Oregon

Hilton Downtown Portland

November 5th – November 8th

We presented on the 7th!

About LavaCon

The LavaCon Content Strategy conference was started in Hawaii to give content strategists, documentation managers, and other content professionals an opportunity to get away from the office and tend to their professional development.

How DeltaXML helps the world of content strategists

DeltaXML helps 100s of companies manage change within their technical documentation. They have specific solutions relevant to technical communication (including DeltaXML DITA Compare, DeltaXML DITA Merge and DeltaXML Docbook Compare) and partner with the major XML-based component content management vendors globally.

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Come find us

Look out for these dashing faces if you are heading to LavaCon yourself. They both have a lot of knowledge about finding change within your technical documents.

Tristan Mitchell Product Manager DeltaXML

Tristan Mitchell

Product Manager

Tristan has been working with DeltaXML for over ten years, and in that time has contributed much, driving DeltaXML to its place as a market leader in the XML document and data comparison industry.

Phill Barratt VP Sales and Marketing DelaXML

Phill Barratt

VP – Sales and Marketing

Embracing his skills and knowledge in XML, Phill saw himself in a variety of high level sales and marketing roles within the XML industry which has provided him with a unique perspective and understanding of the industry which he is now uses to support DeltaXML.

Who Cares About Change?

About the presentation

Our Product Manager Tristan Mitchell provided an overview of the stakeholders to consider in the content lifecycle. Each stakeholder has different requirements and you must present a view of change that is appropriate to each. The audience learned about the different views of change and how they apply to the different stakeholders.

Title: Who Cares About Change?

Date: Tuesday 7th November 2017

Time: 13:30 – 14:30 PDT

Room: Content Strategy

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