Embedding DeltaXML in your products

If you need dependable XML comparison or merging functionality in your software, DeltaXML offers advanced functionality, efficient code and flexible APIs, all backed-up by excellent support and a collaborative approach to OEM licensing.

Designed for developers

Full, flexible APIs and powerful pipeline architecture, giving your application full control of every aspect.

Outstanding support

Comprehensive online resources and a skilled technical team, committed to supporting OEM partners.

Flexible OEM licensing

The security of our patent protection, combined with a collaborative approach to licensing.

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Build or buy – a simpler choice

Our aim at DeltaXML is to make the classic ‘build or buy’ decision simple for equipment manufacturers and software developers.

DeltaXML’s software has been designed from the outset as a toolkit, providing specialised XML comparison and merging functionality that is optimised for embedding into enterprise systems and software.

Its algorithms provide fast, efficient comparison of even very large XML files. All aspects of its configuration and operation are accessed through Java or REST APIs.

The outputs of DeltaXML software are optimised for processing and can be configured or transformed into whatever form your system requires.

Read more about DeltaXML products or review our technical documentation.

All the support you need

DeltaXML’s support team is fully committed in helping you successfully embed and integrate our products into your enterprise system.

We recognise that every client has different technical and commercial requirements, so we will provide you with advice and guidance on how to tailor our solutions to best meet the requirements of you and your team.

In great company

For well over a decade, DeltaXML has provided change management functionality in a wide range of products, including some of the world’s best known software solutions and systems from global leaders.

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