[Webinar] Creating Profitable Products Based on Difference and Change

DCL and DeltaXML logo

Tuesday 26th June, 2018 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET (6:00pm BST)

We all understand the challenges of managing change in our internal publishing lifecycles. But what issues do our customers face as they use and apply our ever-changing content? What opportunities might we have for adding value, helping them identify and interpret the differences?

Join Phill Barratt (VP of Sales and Marketing) and Tristan Mitchell (Product Manager) in partnership with DCL, as they look at innovative publishers in North America and Europe, who are generating additional revenue streams with products that help their customers see exactly what has changed, from financial reports and recommendations to official standards and technical procedures.

They will investigate the new products that have launched and some of the challenges companies faced. They will also consider the role of XML and the tools that made it possible.