Does the comparison function in your CMS leave you wanting something better? Or do you need to check your exported documents before publication? Or perhaps you have hundreds of XSL-FO documents to manage. Then DeltaXML’s Content Compare XSL-FO could be the solution for you.

Our sophisticated comparison engine will quickly find the changes in your document, and being aware of the XSL-FO XML grammar, we ignore the structure and compare only content, with changes being marked up into one document. And crucially, the result document retains the schema so your document doesn’t become unreadable or corrupt.

Why would I use Content Compare XSL-FO?

XSL-FO is everywhere, often used as a stage after authoring or from a document workflow before publishing in a final format, such as PDF. Our SaaS product will take your documents, perhaps two historical versions, or documents from different sources which have been through different workflows, and return the results in a single document. Content Compare is so easy to use. Just upload your two documents and the resulting comparison marks up all the changes in the structure of your second document.

Importantly, our software will retain your valid schema, making it easy to read the document with changes or enable subsequent processing such as creating a PDF. Content Compare XSL-FO will even provide marked up change in a format that enables you to produce a PDF with change bars, which is particularly useful for easy reading.

Where can I use Content Compare XSL-FO?

When you just need to do a final double check between a current version and a previously created version of a document, before committing the document for publishing, Content Compare is the ideal tool.

You may have one file that needs checking, or perhaps several hundred that need to be checked. Content Compare is the quickest and easiest way to highlight all the files that have changed and require review with the changes marked up in the document.

Not all CMS or publishing software benefit from DeltaXML’s sophisticated comparison and merge service built into their functionality. Tools that attempt a basic comparison are often inadequate. Exporting from your CMS and using Content Compare will give you a highly accurate result. The solution will clearly mark up changes, so it’s easy to edit the changes back in the CMS version.

Compare your XSL-FO files today

Take advantage of our free 90-day trial today and see just how easy it is to use. We would appreciate your feedback on any enhancements you’d like to see, as well as how it works in your workflow or process.