Ever wanted the powerful DeltaXML comparison technology natively within the oXygen XML editor? Well now you can, our oXygen adaptor can easily find all of your installed DeltaXML comparison products and perform comparisons without you ever having to leave the oXygen application.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of our oXygen adaptor is that it is completely free! All you need is the oXygen XML Editor, and one of our comparison products. If you have worked with DeltaXML comparison products before, then you will be happy to know that all the configuration parameters for our different pipelines are easily modifiable through a GUI inside of oXygen. Further information on configuring a comparator can be seen in the ‘Configuring a comparator’ section of our documentation. Similarly, information on the different configuration parameters can be found on their corresponding product documentation – XML Compare, DITA Compare, DocBook Compare.

Working in oXygen

As mentioned, comparisons are then able to be launched directly from within the oXygen XML editor. Selection of inputs can come through browsing in a native file chooser or selection from a drop-down list of all files currently opened inside of the editor. Outputs will be loaded directly into the oXygen workspace, and can then be discarded or saved.

As a bonus, also included in the DeltaXML oXygen adaptor is our first attempt at a DITA merge conflict resolver. This provides a resource for resolving differences between the output of a DITA Merge file inside of the oXygen XML editor. We must admit, the merge conflict resolver didn’t come about without its fair share of hair pulling! However, you can see all of what it’s capable of here.

We’ve put together a comprehensive installation guide to get you up and running in no time. To see which versions of our products are supported, navigate to the ‘Supported Products’ section of the documentation. If you are already working with files inside of the oXygen XML editor, why not give it a try? Don’t have our comparison products? Not to worry, just download a free trial version of any of our toolkits.

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