In DeltaJSON we have developed a new approach to handling change in JSON data, one that really understands JSON structure. This should be welcomed by JSON developers simply because it will save so much time. Our new REST service provides an opportunity for applications to identify and respond quickly to changes in JSON data.

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An Industrial-Strength Comparison Tool

With line-based JSON diff tools having limited functionality, many of our customers have asked us for a comparison tool for JSON data. There are a number of free JSON comparison tools available, and it is not too difficult to write a basic JSON comparison yourself, especially if it is focused on just one type of JSON data. However, our aim has been to produce an industrial-strength comparison tool, capable of providing consistent results across many different types of JSON data.

Representing Change Your Way

DeltaJSON provides you with a JSON delta file which includes all of the data from both the input files and represents the differences between them. From this delta file you can produce from it any combination of the input files you may need, meaning you’re only being bothered with the changes that matter.

Handling Changed Arrays

A JSON array is a general purpose grouping structure which is used in different ways, such as to group a fixed number of items. DeltaJSON handles JSON arrays in a variety of ways depending on if those arrays are positional, ordered or orderless. It’s important to experiment with these different array alignment settings and see which one best suits your data.