At DeltaXML we understand people are busy, and organisations have limited resources, so evaluating a new potential solution to address your challenges must be quick and easy.

Simply downloading a trial version of our software to use on your own machine or infrastructure is the best way to see how our software can transform the way you work. With so many features and configuration options, you can always get the result you need. Or in just a few minutes, simply compare or merge your files and get our patented diff output or an HTML report showing the difference as a side-by-side report or inline changes.

Starting product trials

Our product trial versions are fully-featured – you can do everything that you can do with the purchased product. The only limitation is the license expiry date. That means that you have access to our new and improved CALS table comparison feature, the ability to compare SVG images and MathML equations and access to APIs for testing out the integration with your workflow.

Get started with your laptop, a server, virtual machine or a resource on what cloud infrastructure you are using. This might take time to arrange, so do this before you start your 14 day trial, although we understand extra time can be needed, so just let us know if you need an extension. Once you have your resources, downloaded and installed your software, you are ready to go; however, if you are struggling, please reach out on email, call or book an onboarding session.

Helpful installation demos

Our technical team can guide you through the process. Just book a session and we will help with the registration, download of software, installation, and processing of files to get your first result. We will even help you test your own files so you can see the benefit of our software immediately. This video can help you through the installation process and details the steps the onboarding team will walk you through.

Personalised configuration for every use case

The real power of our products is in the ability to create your own custom configuration. Our delta format is designed for transformation within an XML processing pipeline and our documentation site has lots of examples of how you might go about creating precisely the results you need for your content. Whether you need an HTML report, changes marked in a particular XML grammar, or a redline PDF, our pipeline architecture can help. As part of your evaluation, our technical team is available to give you help when creating your own custom setup. Make use of our evaluator-specific support portal or arrange a call to talk through your requirements in more detail.

Let’s get started

Want to get started now? Head to the relevant product page and select the ‘Start your 14-day trial’ button or head over to our trials page. You need to create an account to get access to our customer download area MyDelta, and don’t forget to validate your email after registration. Download and install your software. If you need help watch this video or book an onboarding session. The team at DeltaXML are ready to help. Change matters, we’ll help you find it easily and quickly.