Earlier this year DeltaXML launched a new customer service portal called MyDelta to make it easier to manage your licenses. It was always our intention to expand and develop this service, and we have been encouraged by some very positive initial feedback from customers. Last week saw the first major new feature introduced to the portal with visibility of historical licenses, together with an extension of our licencing activation options.

Historic licenses

Whilst some customers will use the same product for years at a time, other projects can expand, evolve scope or be migrated, resulting in a changes to the licenses issued each year. For many customers it is useful to see previously purchased licenses and how those licensed products, quantities or usage models changed over time.

In this release of MyDelta you can now see historic licenses, with a simple toggle button at the top of the License Agreements table in the License Manager section. The default is ‘Current Licenses’ and shows you the currently issued licenses as MyDelta has always done. Changing to ‘Expired Licenses’ shows a history of older licenses associated with your agreement.

Activation history

Importantly, the activation history is also retained on the renewed license, being transferred from the previous license record when the renewal is done.

As this is a new development we will only be able to display historic licenses for renewals created from the point of release on the 1st December. Therefore, the historic information will build from today onwards and unfortunately not include a history from previous years.

New license activation option

Many of our customers now use public or private cloud to deploy their DeltaXML software. Often customers choose this infrastructure for its redundancy, high availability or processing scalability, and our license server can now take advantage of the same benefits. The triad (three servers) deployment of the license server ensures that the concurrent operation license model always has access to a license server to ‘check out’ an operation to perform a compare or merge.

Using MyDelta customers can now enter the Hosts/IP Addresses of those three servers used in the triad, activate and download the appropriate license.

More to come

We have more plans for MyDelta in the coming months and want to introduce other improvements to a wider audience of billing, procurement, managers and analysts involved with projects. If you have any suggestions on how we might improve MyDelta, or features you would like to see introduced, please let us know.